What a season

This has been my best season by far. I have lowered my world ranking in GS  to 44th and I’m incredibly happy with that.

here is the latest fis points list; https://data.fis-ski.com/dynamic/fis-points-details.html?sector=AL&listid=254&seasoncode=&lastname=&gender=M&firstname=&nation=&order=GS&fiscode=&birthyear=&Search=Search&limit=50

And in the Olympic list my world ranking is even better, the current list isn’t out yet, but I will be about 32nd, this list is a better indication of where I would be starting in the Olympic games if i am selected. I think my progress is tracking in the right direction.

I feel like have been skiing the best I have ever been and it’s really starting to show in my results.

The final race for me for the season were meant to be the 4 Mt Hutt Super G I was looking forward to defending my National Super G, ANC Super G and ANC title but unfortunately high winds meant the series had to be cancelled.


Right now we are moving into a training block. It has been snowing a lot and it looks as though conditions will be ideal for the next month. Over this time I would like to do more equipment testing and become even faster before the first World Cup October 29th in Solden, Austria.


Tech Month

It has been a month of tricky snow conditions.  We’ve had lots of snow and warm temperatures so have adapted our schedule to suit.

We have had good training at Hintereit for the last month. If only race day could produce similar conditions.  https://vimeo.com/154962071

The last two GS series were challenging. We went to Hochficht where I had scored a 2nd last year and had high expectations.  Unfortunately I was struggling to find the right line and on a soft flat slope i was bleeding time the whole way down. After that we went to Chur (true, bro) in Switzerland for two GS race at Lenzerheide. The first race didn’t go so well. I was in 24th after the first run and then did not finished the second.  It was a really tight tough course set with lots of people having similar problems.

The second race was much better. I was sitting in 4th after the first run, but the weather didn’t play ball. Heavy snow from the night before and milder temperatures made the course deteriorate pretty quickly and after 40 people went down it was a misty minefield and the race was cancelled.

The World Cup at Schladming a couple of weeks ago has been the highlight of my season so far. Even though it was slalom and I didn’t make it very far. Nothing beats the atmosphere of 45,000 crazy Austrians enjoying a winter evening race.

Even the World cup Circuit was struggling to hold the races in these conditions. The World Cup GS in Garmisch (GER) was next. I was looking forward to doing this race. I had bib 57, inspected the course then was told that the race was cancelled.

One piece of good news was a result of dropping in to the Head factory on the way back from Lenzerheide. I replaced two pair of GS skis and had a good discussion with the boot tech who confirmed my boots were too stiff.  He made up a softer pair for me on the spot and I am looking forward to my next races with more confidence.

Coming up are some speed events in Saalbach, 2 Downhill and 2 Super G, hopefully there is good weather and we can get these races off!


Mid-season done

I would describe the start of my season as disappointing. I was coming off some good form in the New Zealand season, and started off the Colorado campaign skiing well.

It was great training in Colorado even though it was pretty bare when we first arrived.Vail Training piste

This was the Vail Training piste. we were hoping to train there fairly soon after arriving, but as you can see we had to delay a few days. Just as well nearby Copper mountain had decent snow.

The first block felt really good.  Two months of training with some of the best people in the world (even beating them on a couple of splits). It was time to do some races. First important races were Slalom Nor-Ams in Jackson, Wyoming. It was a 6 hour drive from our base in Colorado. It was incredibly flat and everyone on the road drove a big pick up truck. including us.

Wyoming The road to Wyoming


Jackson, with the race piste dropping into town on the right.


My best result here was an 18th in the second slalom.  Under the old 2014 criteria this, along with ANC results would have qualified for an Olympic place in Slalom.  Slalom is still my least favourite discipline.

then it was on to Gs races at Copper Mountain and a World Cup GS at Beaver Creek. By now, somewhere between the grippy Colorado snow and new equipment set up  I was struggling to get the early initiation at the top of the turn. I don’t want to get into the rest of the races.

The plan now is to train a lot of gs until I get my form back, then smash out some races!



What a season it has been! I was skiing well in training, not especially fast but technically solid. By the time the race came around I felt  confident I could execute well and could aim to go faster.
The New Zealand races started off with several victories and The National Titles in GS and Slalom
After the National Championships the team went to Australia for the ANC continental cup. The Highlight of the trip was scoring a 12.03 slalom point result (a New Zealand best ever.)
ANC Slalom podium in good company with Adam Zampa 1st I got 2nd and Roberto Nani 3rd
It was back to New Zealand for the ANC Finals, I scored a career and another NZ best  Male result ever 10.21 FIS points in Giant Slalom.
As you can see it has been a very successful year for me where all my world rankings have lowered considerably. I should be ranked about 80th on the next points list in GS.
I fly out to begin my Northern Hemisphere campaign on the 29th October
I’m planning to compete in a few Europa Cups and 5 world cups this season.
Until then its a lot of gym and work to put me in the best shape possible.
Kind Regards,
Willis Feasey

World Champs wrap up

My training began in November with summer conditions and limited snow.

In December, the Nor Am race series in Aspen, US began unsuccessfully for me. The speed series followed in Lake Louise, Canada on a more successful note. I finished 21st in Downhill, lowered my FIS points and therefore my world ranking.

In January, my 2nd phase of training improved, along with snow conditions. I came 3rd in GS in 2 consecutive races, then a 1st and 2nd place in 2 DH races. This was good preparation for Beaver Creek. I qualified to race in all 5 events: DH, SG, Combined, GS, and SL, with Downhill needing official training and the technical events qualifying races as over 150 entered. So in all I had 7 races. Beaver Creek is above 8000ft. The DH course, ‘Birds of Prey’, starts at over 11,000ft. It was in perfect condition-fast, icy and steep enabling speeds of over 120km/hr. It finishes with 3 big jumps, the last one finishing at the grandstand holding over 10,000 spectators.

At the start gate of the SG I could see the spectators in the stand between my ski tips. It was steep.

I was the 1st and only kiwi to finish the DH, in 40th position. [5 secs out from the gold medallist, but 5 secs closer than 2 yrs ago].

In the Super combined (one downhill run followed by a slalom run) I finished 37th, again the first Kiwi in this event. These two results were the highlight. I crashed out of the Super G and although did well in the qualifying race for GS did not finish in the final event.

I am grateful to have had this great opportunity to participate at the World Champs.

While we were at the world champs we did a photo shoot for Dirty Dog.  Check out some of the pictures here:

Since the world champs I have been based in Austria. We plan to do some races  around Central Europe where I can hopefully lower world rankings.

Colorado has begun.

It was the usual dance at the airport. We were trying to get away with an exorbitant amount of excess luggage (each with 3-4 ski bags, a clothes bag) and the airline trying to make as much money as possible. But the NZ National team made it to colorado with no major hiccups.

getting ready to fly

the boys copper mountian

copper mountian start gate

The snow is pretty sparse, but it is slowly starting to come right. Hopefully soon we will be able to do some speed,


season wrapping up

It has been a eventful season this year. I have been skiing really fast in training and usually one run in a race, now i’m working on stringing two good runs together, I feel like I can do it and its just a matter of time.
This Season I became the National GS champion. After the race I was doing some quick calculations in my head and was hoping to get in the teens. Unfortunately FIS changed the calculations and this meant i scored a 21.95 which is currently my second best ever FIS result.

I also lowered my slalom points with a 21.51 point slalom result, which is really good for me. This will put me into the top 500 rank slalom skiers and if i can get a second result it means i will go into the top 300 for everything, which is always something i have wanted to do.



Latest National Teams announced

Not too much to report from my end. I have been training hard at coronet peak with a good group of guys. The skiing has been going well in all disciplines we have been training, Slalom, GS, Super G. We hope to even get a day of Downhill in early August.

Here is the named National Teams.




Start of the season

At the end of the Northern Hemisphere season I managed seasons best in GS and Slalom and a career best in Downhill, making it my most successful  Northern Hemisphere season ever. My coach said that he was impressed with how I handled the injury and the recovery process.

The physio said that my shoulder was surprisingly good for how badly i dislocated it. which is very relieving to hear.

Part of my success last season was due to my equipment change. It is the first time in a while where I’ve felt comfortable with my GS and SL set up. During my time off training I was able to adjust my lifter plates and do lots a freeskiing to find the right componentry and get some of the fundamentals right

Over the last few weeks I have been working hard on my skis and in the gym, with the results starting to pay off. We had physical testing over last weekend, it was a great experience with lots of positives, but still plenty to work on. Flexibility is still an issue.

Every year I get more and more excited for the ski season and this one is no exception. After the rain there was a bit of snow and I eventually got on the slopes. It was good to get back. My skiing hasn’t progressed as well as i would have liked but I am finding my feet fast enough.

Watch a video of one of my first races back from injury. https://vimeo.com/99105053

Enjoy some of the limited shots that i took of my season

Krvavec Super G
Krvavec Super G
Meribel Downhill Course
Meribel Downhill course in the distance
The quiver coming home Thanks Head!
The quiver coming home.
Thanks Head!

Still Waiting

Hello All,
I don’t have very much to post about; for 5 weeks my days have consisted of shoulder work-outs and lately ski prep on my new Head skis!

The quiver is beginning to take form
The quiver is beginning to take form
The first of the snow fall
Zell Am See

It has snowed today for the first time since we got here about a month ago. So really I’m not missing out on much 😉

I feel my shoulder is starting to get more stable and much stronger, I have started doing prone holds as part of my rehab. I have also been back on snow, doing some gentle free skiing on my downhill ski’s. I can’t wait to get back in gates and training.

As you probably have seen I wasn’t selected into the Olympic team. Obviously I’m in no condition to race right now, and was unable to qualify.

I’m disappointed that I haven’t been able to put the yellow bib from the ANC’s to good use.

Here I am with my dislocated shoulder. I was on some pretty strong pain meds by then, getting cross-eyed!

Dislocated Shoulder

Stay Classy,