I have been in America for 12 days now, and everything seems to be going great.
The team I am now training with is a cool group 12 boys who are all good skiers.
Colorado hasn’t been as cold as i expected it to be with only one day getting below -20 which is a real plus for me.

The physical training here has been great and the facilities are amazing. It is really cool to be here over this time of year when all the World Cup racers are training right beside you.
for example, I had a pick up game of basketball with Bode Miller (and a few other US ski team guys), a legend in the ski racing community, which was so much fun, Even though my team lost.

I have just finished my first race series at Copper Mountain, CO.

I was frustrated at my skiing in the races at copper making a lot of silly mistakes, but with only 7 days training before the races, I cant be too hard on myself.

Today we are planning to train slalom on the full length Nor-Am piste. This will be ideal training for when we are racing there on the 24th and 25th of this month.

– Willis


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