Opening Nor-Ams

With the first set of the Nor-Ams completed its time to put that behind me. I managed to DNF 3 out of the 4 days, not exactly ideal.

The Slalom was in Loveland my home mountain and the GS in Aspen

The GS course was pretty steep and very technical, lots of terrain. The quality of the racers there was outstanding as the all the World Cuppers were trying to practice before the race at Beaver Creek. I found the snow super aggressive and could not manage to pressure at the right time.
As you can see there i had a little bit of a crash! but unfortunately my coach Guenther turned off the video with the worse yet to come. I managed to slide through a gate then through three layers of B-net. After the b-net I managed to hyper-extend my knee, and bash my hip on some massive Ice chunks and eventually ended up in the bushes.

I took some painkillers and iced it. I was just ready to go the next day.

I felt a bit hesitant, and didnt want to put my body on the line as much, as I was still very sore.  and that reflected my time. I wasn’t having a good day.

now that’s out of the way I can focus on my speed skiing as I have some super g and downhill races coming up at copper, which i am feeling very optimistic about!

The body is still sore, but nowhere near as bad.

here are a couple of shots from the Aspen Nor-ams

2012-11-25 16.59.24
Aspen Sunset

Aspen Coourse

where it all went wrong


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