Copper Nor-Ams

It has been a pretty busy week for me, skiing the last 8 days. I have just completed 5 days of racing and 3 days of training. DH training didn’t go well;  trying to go too straight and T boning ruts. The racing didn’t go so well either. My ski pre-released on the second DH and  I did not ski well on the other days. Finally got a half way respectable run in the last SG only to watch 30 of the following racers ski in front as the new snow got faster. The better performance (but not the result) has cheered me up a bit before going to Panorama (CAN) for the Nor-Am races there. Here are a couple of shots from today!

view from the course
view from the course

signalso here are the videos of my mistakes in the downhills! (because thats what everyone likes)

and my favourite and most frustrating

I am currently in the process of packing, and realised how much stuff I have, it could be an interesting check in trying to get away with all the excess baggage.

It will be sad to leave this team! i have made alot of new friends, and I like them all! but its time to carry on and try to prepare for the World Champs as best i can

Expect an up date from the pano races soon!
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