The Dilemma

View of Leogang from my window

For my weekly post I am going to be talking about a dilemma I am having, as I have been talking about the World Championships is my main focus for this season. I have currently been selected for all the events but that is looking like a very hectic and fatiguing schedule.

If I did all these it means I would not be able to give my best effort. which means either the Downhill, the Combined or the GS will have to go. at this stage its looking like the GS that means I will have an extra 4 days up my sleeve to recover mentally, physically and to train some Slalom. I have a week to decided, I’ll keep you up to date.

Over the last week I have competed in 5 races. 2 GS in Obersaxon (SUI)  and 2 Super Gs  and a GS in Garmish (GER) but lets not dwell the results. It was a few mistakes that kept me from having good results. Mainly falling inside. so in training today thats exactly what I’m going to work on. It looks like it will be a sweet day up on the hill today!

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