World Championships!

New skis! Thanks Stockli!! I am very appreciative of their support and World Ski Connect for connecting me with them.  I know it has been a while since my last post. but I have a good excuse; I have been to preparing for the World Championships in Schladming, Austria. The last few weeks have been a blur of travelling, skiing and training, today we leave for Schladming. Competitions begin on the 6th for the men with Super G. After discussion with Coach Nils we have agreed I will be competing in the Super G, Downhill, GS and Slalom. I am incredibly excited for these races, it is definitely the biggest event of my career so far. Some quotes about the World Championships.

“In the 14 days of the FIS Alpine Ski World Championships, some 400,000 visitors are expected. In eleven disciplines, 650 athletes from 70 nations will fight it out for 33 medals, with over 3,000 media representatives from around the globe reporting on events as they happen. For 14 days in February 2013, Schladming will be in the world spotlight as it celebrates a Ski Festival with Heart.

From a TV perspective, more than 600 million spectators are expected to follow the Championships.  Host Broadcaster ORF has spared no efforts to deliver top quality, unbiased international coverage to the audience in close cooperation with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), the Local Organising Committee and FIS. Using around 100 cameras featuring the most advanced technologies, ORF will broadcast more than 65 hours live coverage from Schladming.”

As you can see it is not a small event.

Here is the Link to the programme:

On another note I have been spending as much time as possible training on the new skis in all kinds of weather.  Snow has been a bit soft at times but I am faster than I was 4 days ago. I was meant to be training Super G today but due to excess snow it has been cancelled.

the cars are covered!
everything is covered!

So we shall see how it goes for the WSC. No doubt i will keep you posted.


-Xoxo Willis

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