World Champs done.

The World Champs have sadly drawn to a close. It was a fantastic event, it has given me extra motivation to succeed in the future. Firstly I would like to thank my sponsors, Stoeckli and Alpina for providing me with equipment it was greatly appreciated. I shall get some more videos and pictures from the World Champs shortly.

The Downhill was definitely my highlight. A few facts about the downhill, the course was 3,334 meters long, the max incline was 72%, the longest jump was 60 meters and you go from 0-100ks in 5 seconds. The race day was very exciting 40,000 people came to watch (only about 10,000 people were left by the time I came down.) The top of the course was a bit misty, which made the rolls pretty hard to see. There was lots of bumps from the people in front of me. This made it a bit hard to arc a clean turn, but its all motivation of getting better so I start nearer the front. Coming over the final pitch was very tough. It was the most technical part of the course, my legs were burning and I really needed every bit of strength to be fast. I came 38th in the race my goal was top 40 so i was reasonably happy  with that!

The Super G was a bit disappointing I started off slow, then when i was just starting to ski well my ski pre-released on a very bumpy turn and I went for a bit of a slide.

The atmosphere for the Tech Events were hectic as expected, where crowds of about 55,000 people came to watch the Slalom. They were a little disappointing for me. I fell sick during the GS and didn’t qualify and the slalom was going well but I tried to take too much direction out of a flush and straddled which put me out of the big race.

Now I Have a day off then travel to Annaberg (AUT) and Bohinj (SLO) for some more slalom races.
I shall keep you posted on how they go!


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