1st Block Done

I have completed the first training block of the season, and now heading into the first race period of the season. Coming into the Loveland North American Cup races I was skiing really fast in training and it was going very well, I picked up where I left off in New Zealand. A real highlight was training Super G with the Austrian, Swiss and Slovakian WC team members on the Copper Mountain speed course. I was able to ski within 2-3 seconds of the fastest of them – for the first couple of runs at least.  The course starts at over 10,000 feet we just had to suck it up the thin air. Whereas they sucked on oxygen and changed between multiple pairs of skis between runs.

Inspecting the Austrians course
Inspecting the Austrians course


I was ready to crush it in the Nor-Ams, but unfortunately I didn’t ski anywhere near as well as I hoped. I fell over both days in the GS but carried on in one. I wasn’t very fast. I was told If I skied well I would be able to start the Beaver Creek World Cup, All I can do now is talk with the coaches and selectors and hope that my skiing fast in training will help.

Here are a couple of videos of me training and racing.

Downhill training Copper
Copper Super combined slalom video


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