Still Waiting

Hello All,
I don’t have very much to post about; for 5 weeks my days have consisted of shoulder work-outs and lately ski prep on my new Head skis!

The quiver is beginning to take form
The quiver is beginning to take form
The first of the snow fall
Zell Am See

It has snowed today for the first time since we got here about a month ago. So really I’m not missing out on much 😉

I feel my shoulder is starting to get more stable and much stronger, I have started doing prone holds as part of my rehab. I have also been back on snow, doing some gentle free skiing on my downhill ski’s. I can’t wait to get back in gates and training.

As you probably have seen I wasn’t selected into the Olympic team. Obviously I’m in no condition to race right now, and was unable to qualify.

I’m disappointed that I haven’t been able to put the yellow bib from the ANC’s to good use.

Here I am with my dislocated shoulder. I was on some pretty strong pain meds by then, getting cross-eyed!

Dislocated Shoulder

Stay Classy,


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