Start of the season

At the end of the Northern Hemisphere season I managed seasons best in GS and Slalom and a career best in Downhill, making it my most successful  Northern Hemisphere season ever. My coach said that he was impressed with how I handled the injury and the recovery process.

The physio said that my shoulder was surprisingly good for how badly i dislocated it. which is very relieving to hear.

Part of my success last season was due to my equipment change. It is the first time in a while where I’ve felt comfortable with my GS and SL set up. During my time off training I was able to adjust my lifter plates and do lots a freeskiing to find the right componentry and get some of the fundamentals right

Over the last few weeks I have been working hard on my skis and in the gym, with the results starting to pay off. We had physical testing over last weekend, it was a great experience with lots of positives, but still plenty to work on. Flexibility is still an issue.

Every year I get more and more excited for the ski season and this one is no exception. After the rain there was a bit of snow and I eventually got on the slopes. It was good to get back. My skiing hasn’t progressed as well as i would have liked but I am finding my feet fast enough.

Watch a video of one of my first races back from injury.

Enjoy some of the limited shots that i took of my season

Krvavec Super G
Krvavec Super G
Meribel Downhill Course
Meribel Downhill course in the distance
The quiver coming home Thanks Head!
The quiver coming home.
Thanks Head!

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