World Champs wrap up

My training began in November with summer conditions and limited snow.

In December, the Nor Am race series in Aspen, US began unsuccessfully for me. The speed series followed in Lake Louise, Canada on a more successful note. I finished 21st in Downhill, lowered my FIS points and therefore my world ranking.

In January, my 2nd phase of training improved, along with snow conditions. I came 3rd in GS in 2 consecutive races, then a 1st and 2nd place in 2 DH races. This was good preparation for Beaver Creek. I qualified to race in all 5 events: DH, SG, Combined, GS, and SL, with Downhill needing official training and the technical events qualifying races as over 150 entered. So in all I had 7 races. Beaver Creek is above 8000ft. The DH course, ‘Birds of Prey’, starts at over 11,000ft. It was in perfect condition-fast, icy and steep enabling speeds of over 120km/hr. It finishes with 3 big jumps, the last one finishing at the grandstand holding over 10,000 spectators.

At the start gate of the SG I could see the spectators in the stand between my ski tips. It was steep.

I was the 1st and only kiwi to finish the DH, in 40th position. [5 secs out from the gold medallist, but 5 secs closer than 2 yrs ago].

In the Super combined (one downhill run followed by a slalom run) I finished 37th, again the first Kiwi in this event. These two results were the highlight. I crashed out of the Super G and although did well in the qualifying race for GS did not finish in the final event.

I am grateful to have had this great opportunity to participate at the World Champs.

While we were at the world champs we did a photo shoot for Dirty Dog.  Check out some of the pictures here:

Since the world champs I have been based in Austria. We plan to do some races  around Central Europe where I can hopefully lower world rankings.

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