Mid-season done

I would describe the start of my season as disappointing. I was coming off some good form in the New Zealand season, and started off the Colorado campaign skiing well.

It was great training in Colorado even though it was pretty bare when we first arrived.Vail Training piste

This was the Vail Training piste. we were hoping to train there fairly soon after arriving, but as you can see we had to delay a few days. Just as well nearby Copper mountain had decent snow.

The first block felt really good.  Two months of training with some of the best people in the world (even beating them on a couple of splits). It was time to do some races. First important races were Slalom Nor-Ams in Jackson, Wyoming. It was a 6 hour drive from our base in Colorado. It was incredibly flat and everyone on the road drove a big pick up truck. including us.

Wyoming The road to Wyoming


Jackson, with the race piste dropping into town on the right.


My best result here was an 18th in the second slalom.  Under the old 2014 criteria this, along with ANC results would have qualified for an Olympic place in Slalom.  Slalom is still my least favourite discipline.

then it was on to Gs races at Copper Mountain and a World Cup GS at Beaver Creek. By now, somewhere between the grippy Colorado snow and new equipment set up  I was struggling to get the early initiation at the top of the turn. I don’t want to get into the rest of the races.

The plan now is to train a lot of gs until I get my form back, then smash out some races!



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