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I am in Leogang, part of the Saalbach-Hinterglemm ski area between Insbruck and Salzburg which is where I will be based for the rest of the season. It is a bit of an outdoor Mecca. In summer it was the host of the world mountain bike downhill championships, you can see the bike trails while riding up on the chairlift. Leogang is home to about 3000 people though it doesn’t seem so as it is spread along the road.  I shall get some pictures of it next time I train here which will be in a few days time because I’m off to some races. First of all we go for 2 National Junior GS races in Obersaxon, Switzerland. After those we will travel to Garmish Partenkirchen for two SG NJR and a GS FIS race.

I have better start packing my bags, including my suit, now.



Hello All Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Since my last post I have competed in the FIS race series in Panorama Canada. Again there were some pretty disappointing results, I had some fast turns towards the end, but I just made a lot of mistakes, … Continue reading Austria

Canada Ae

Since I last posted I have made my way to Canada and I am currently in Panorama. After having skied the Nor-Ams here, I will be racing the FIS Series over the next few days which will be a much better opportunity to score. I have bib 21 tomorrow.

I was disappointed with how I skied in the Nor-Ams not making the second run in any events. I was struggling to find the balance on my skis and the drive forward, and when i did I made silly mistakes which put me out of the race.

Hopefully this series will go better and I will let you know how it goes 😉
Sorry its only a short post but I had better get ready for tomorrow!

– Willis

Copper Nor-Ams

It has been a pretty busy week for me, skiing the last 8 days. I have just completed 5 days of racing and 3 days of training. DH training didn’t go well;  trying to go too straight and T boning ruts. The racing didn’t go so well either. My ski pre-released on the second DH and  I did not ski well on the other days. Finally got a half way respectable run in the last SG only to watch 30 of the following racers ski in front as the new snow got faster. The better performance (but not the result) has cheered me up a bit before going to Panorama (CAN) for the Nor-Am races there. Here are a couple of shots from today!

view from the course
view from the course

signalso here are the videos of my mistakes in the downhills! (because thats what everyone likes)

and my favourite and most frustrating

I am currently in the process of packing, and realised how much stuff I have, it could be an interesting check in trying to get away with all the excess baggage.

It will be sad to leave this team! i have made alot of new friends, and I like them all! but its time to carry on and try to prepare for the World Champs as best i can

Expect an up date from the pano races soon!
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Opening Nor-Ams

With the first set of the Nor-Ams completed its time to put that behind me. I managed to DNF 3 out of the 4 days, not exactly ideal.

The Slalom was in Loveland my home mountain and the GS in Aspen

The GS course was pretty steep and very technical, lots of terrain. The quality of the racers there was outstanding as the all the World Cuppers were trying to practice before the race at Beaver Creek. I found the snow super aggressive and could not manage to pressure at the right time.
As you can see there i had a little bit of a crash! but unfortunately my coach Guenther turned off the video with the worse yet to come. I managed to slide through a gate then through three layers of B-net. After the b-net I managed to hyper-extend my knee, and bash my hip on some massive Ice chunks and eventually ended up in the bushes.

I took some painkillers and iced it. I was just ready to go the next day.

I felt a bit hesitant, and didnt want to put my body on the line as much, as I was still very sore.  and that reflected my time. I wasn’t having a good day.

now that’s out of the way I can focus on my speed skiing as I have some super g and downhill races coming up at copper, which i am feeling very optimistic about!

The body is still sore, but nowhere near as bad.

here are a couple of shots from the Aspen Nor-ams

2012-11-25 16.59.24
Aspen Sunset

Aspen Coourse

where it all went wrong


I have been in America for 12 days now, and everything seems to be going great.
The team I am now training with is a cool group 12 boys who are all good skiers.
Colorado hasn’t been as cold as i expected it to be with only one day getting below -20 which is a real plus for me.

The physical training here has been great and the facilities are amazing. It is really cool to be here over this time of year when all the World Cup racers are training right beside you.
for example, I had a pick up game of basketball with Bode Miller (and a few other US ski team guys), a legend in the ski racing community, which was so much fun, Even though my team lost.

I have just finished my first race series at Copper Mountain, CO.

I was frustrated at my skiing in the races at copper making a lot of silly mistakes, but with only 7 days training before the races, I cant be too hard on myself.

Today we are planning to train slalom on the full length Nor-Am piste. This will be ideal training for when we are racing there on the 24th and 25th of this month.

– Willis



So after a decent block of training and working at home I have managed to make my way to Colorado And I’m only missing one bag. Courtesy of United Airlines…. still no trace of it yet.
I have had two days on snow at the moment! The piste has been very firm and it has been good training, GS today felt good, almost where I left off from last season.

Here is a video of my first day GS.
Hope you enjoyed my latest post