Latest National Teams announced

Not too much to report from my end. I have been training hard at coronet peak with a good group of guys. The skiing has been going well in all disciplines we have been training, Slalom, GS, Super G. We hope to even get a day of Downhill in early August.

Here is the named National Teams.



Start of the season

At the end of the Northern Hemisphere season I managed seasons best in GS and Slalom and a career best in Downhill, making it my most successful  Northern Hemisphere season ever. My coach said that he was impressed with how I handled the injury and the recovery process.

The physio said that my shoulder was surprisingly good for how badly i dislocated it. which is very relieving to hear.

Part of my success last season was due to my equipment change. It is the first time in a while where I’ve felt comfortable with my GS and SL set up. During my time off training I was able to adjust my lifter plates and do lots a freeskiing to find the right componentry and get some of the fundamentals right

Over the last few weeks I have been working hard on my skis and in the gym, with the results starting to pay off. We had physical testing over last weekend, it was a great experience with lots of positives, but still plenty to work on. Flexibility is still an issue.

Every year I get more and more excited for the ski season and this one is no exception. After the rain there was a bit of snow and I eventually got on the slopes. It was good to get back. My skiing hasn’t progressed as well as i would have liked but I am finding my feet fast enough.

Watch a video of one of my first races back from injury.

Enjoy some of the limited shots that i took of my season

Krvavec Super G
Krvavec Super G
Meribel Downhill Course
Meribel Downhill course in the distance
The quiver coming home Thanks Head!
The quiver coming home.
Thanks Head!

Still Waiting

Hello All,
I don’t have very much to post about; for 5 weeks my days have consisted of shoulder work-outs and lately ski prep on my new Head skis!

The quiver is beginning to take form
The quiver is beginning to take form
The first of the snow fall
Zell Am See

It has snowed today for the first time since we got here about a month ago. So really I’m not missing out on much ūüėČ

I feel my shoulder is starting to get more stable and much stronger, I have started doing prone holds as part of my rehab. I have also been back on snow, doing some gentle free skiing on my downhill ski’s. I can’t wait to get back in gates and training.

As you probably have seen I wasn’t selected into the Olympic team. Obviously I’m in no condition to race right now, and was unable to qualify.

I’m disappointed that I haven’t been able to put the yellow bib from the ANC’s to good use.

Here I am with my dislocated shoulder. I was on some pretty strong pain meds by then, getting cross-eyed!

Dislocated Shoulder

Stay Classy,


World Cup and a Prang!

It has been an eventful couple of days for me!

My first World Cup was an amazing and overwhelming experience.
The Beaver Creek Super G is a challenging hill. As I pushed out of the start gate all thoughts went on trying to go as fast as possible, and not enough on technique. The snow was grippier than a lot of iced courses and needed to be treated less aggressively. About a 1/4 of the way down I  fell inside and ended up going though the gate. This was disappointing as two weeks ago we had been training with the days winner, Patrick Kueng, and others and I had done a couple of runs around 2 seconds behind him.

I would love to do it again and tidy it all up.

Today I had a GS race at Loveland. The first run was reasonable with a few mistakes, but I was in a good position and had plenty to work on for the second run.
As the video shows, second run was alright until I failed to adjust enough to the grippy snow, which ultimately lead to a dislocated shoulder.
I lost the outside ski in the soft snow and got twisted. I tried to get it back but the aggressive snow made both skis edges hook up on different paths. Doing the splits and heading for the panel, I tried to get it back but ended up going into the nets. One of the net poles caught my shoulder, pushed my arm up and popped  my shoulder out of place.

So its going to be a week off snow for me.  This is  frustrating as good results in the  NAC speed series over the next 7 days were a major goal for me. Instead I will have plenty of time to kill mucking around the house and trying to find new ways to keep in shape.

1st Block Done

I have completed the first training block of the season, and now heading into the first race period of the season. Coming into the Loveland North American Cup races I was skiing really fast in training and it was going very well, I picked up where I left off in New Zealand. A real highlight was training Super G with the Austrian, Swiss and Slovakian WC team members on the Copper Mountain speed course. I was able to ski within 2-3 seconds of the fastest of them Рfor the first couple of runs at least.  The course starts at over 10,000 feet we just had to suck it up the thin air. Whereas they sucked on oxygen and changed between multiple pairs of skis between runs.

Inspecting the Austrians course
Inspecting the Austrians course


I was ready to crush it in the Nor-Ams,¬†but unfortunately I didn’t ski anywhere near as well as I hoped. I fell over both days in the GS but carried on in one. I wasn’t very fast. I was told If I skied well I would be able to start the Beaver Creek World Cup, All I can do now is talk with the coaches and selectors and hope that my skiing fast in training will help.

Here are a couple of videos of me training and racing.

Downhill training Copper
Copper Super combined slalom video


Five sleeps to go!

With the New Zealand winter season behind me, I’ve had a bit of time to reflect on how it went. I had achieved most of my goals and I was skiing well towards the end of the season. The highlights were definitely winning the Australia New Zealand Continental Cup Yellow bib in GS and Super G. These will give me a 31st position start in Europa Cup and North America Cup, and¬†a World Cup spot in their respective disciplines.SG podium Yellow Bib Holders

It is almost the beginning of my Northern Hemisphere adventure. I am really looking forward to leaving my home town of Twizel and onto my next project. I had a good week with the National Team at Mt Hutt earlier this month. It is good to keep the feeling of skiing right through to Colorado where my first race will be on the 8th of November.